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Travel Diaries – Post Script and understanding the 70%

  My dearest “peepu”! If you follow my comments on BN, you’d have deduced that I’m back from Nigeria and, alas, didn’t keep you all updated with the blow-by-blow accounts … Continue reading

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Everyday women get to play the game of the wrap dress; the tough choice between the freebies which solve your needs on the instant and your inner worth. And every choice you make has its consequences that linger. It’s either the easy way out with the many strings, or the tough way in with the uncertainties that wind up good eventually…or not.

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2014 over and still single? Shall we Blame it on Jane Austen?

The year is over now and disappointments run deep for many singles who had hoped for the ring and trust social media the jokes are out. One such was a … Continue reading

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First Post Jitters

My very first one!   Yes folks, ‘tis my first post and oooh wee, got me some first-post-jitters! Exciting times and more importantly – what to write??   Being asked … Continue reading

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I don’t do Drama!

So I was telling one of my besties about a particular chic at work that I started withdrawing from. In my friends opinion, she felt I was selfish and not … Continue reading

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Welcome to Our Thoughts and You

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