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About Mz Socially Awkward

I think that blogging, after being wary of any active participation in this social movement for so long, will quickly become addictive.


Received a kind invitation to join the OTY editors as a contributor to this comfy corner of WordPress and I said, “why not?”. Notwithstanding my previous lacklustre feelings about being a blogger, I do like to talk except I usually end up having those conversations with myself [in my own defence, I’m a reformed introvert] and I love reflecting on the weirdness and wonders captured in everyday life.


I’m also frightfully lazy but now I have purpose (!!), so laziness will hopefully not stop me from fulfilling the plans the OTY administrator has for this fantastic forum and it’s an honour to be grouped with all the other lovely writers. On my part, shall be typing up all my random thoughts on God, life, work, sex (yes, daz right, I said “sex”), family and human relationships. And… even though nobody may actually end up clicking on the posts containing said random thoughts, I will still write. That’s what I came here for 🙂 [plus, I’m starting to feel the pull of that great sense of purpose to now say VERY PLENTY things to the world (or to myself, whichever one of us may be listening… I am, after all, a wonderfully receptive audience)].

So, I’ll see you in article posts.

Stay beautifully blessed.

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