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Congratulations on your well fought victory. Without wasting much of our time, I wish to highlight a few salient points as a concerned member of the polity.

1. As you sure can see from the euphoria that has greeted your victory, the desire for change is huge and the expectations almost unrealistic.
I know that politicians all over the globe pretend like they can turn water into wine. However, the weight of expectation on your shoulders is enormous. To stand a chance with the masses, it will have to not be business as usual.

2. Talking of business as usual, we cannot deny that when a southerner is at the head of government in the center, the entire presidency and auxiliary agencies are filled with folks from his ethnicity. Same happens when it is a northerner. This is not criminal to surround yourself with those you are most familiar with. However, this time the cry for change that has swept you into office is a call for change from the days of nepotism and parochial interests that often overwhelms the common good of the masses. Please sir, vital government agencies must not be led by anything less than the best (as long as they are willing to work with you). Political interests would be rewarded and ethnic sentiments respected but service delivery must not be sacrificed in the process.

3. Talking of assembling the best, a lot of negative things can be said about the leader of your party; the Asiwaju himself. However one thing even his worst critic concede is that the man has an eye for talent. Kindly consider his input in this regard.

4. The masses sincerely hope that the conciliatory note you have been sounding since yesterday will be replicated across the rank and file of your party and leadership. There is too much work to be done and no room for snide mundane talk.

5. Sir, we are used to a new government rubbishing all that the predecessor did. Jonathan was not an unqualified failure (inept and clueless he may have been most of the time), his ministers were not all conduit pipes of corruption. A few started enviable long term plans that could yield huge gains for the good of the masses. Kindly consider sustaining such projects and better still bring the architects on board to be a part of your administration. I am specifically talking about Mr. Akinwumi Adesina and Mrs. Sarah Ochekpe. Fortunately, both are professionals who have not become unduly partisan during the last government.

6. Please be very conscious of your speech. The sharia comment you made years back has been used as a cane for your back. We will not be as forgiving if such repeats itself in future. It might be your desire to have sharia all over the globe, however as our president you will need to curb such desires to match our constitution and the sensibilities of a modern society.

7. Talking of religion, please send a bill to the legislature a week after resumption that will ensure the scrapping of the pilgrims board. Encourage governors to scrap same in each of their states. The state has no business sponsoring any man to any land. Pursuit of faith must be a private encounter and must not spill in to the public arena nor should it be financially facilitated by the commonwealth.

8. Sir, we have elected you and not your wife. This apt reminder must never be forgotten. I will wish to keep this point short and hope it rings loud and clear.

9. I wish to return to that issue of euphoria I mentioned earlier. The excitement in the air is almost intoxicating. Try to promise less and deliver more. Do not buy into the hype, you are not a miracle worker.

10. If there is one place we need transformation, it is in our federal civil service. For too long it has been a cesspool of corruption and inefficiency. If you must deliver the change you have been voted for, that place must be cleaned up. Sir, may I humbly suggest you look no further than the gentleman called Babatunde Raji Fashola. He is no saint but his ability to administrate a behemoth is clear, tested and proven. Much more, he is equipped to deliver a master plan. Equip him with far reaching powers and let us clean up our federal civil service. Without this cleanup, service delivery is dead on arrival.

11. Sir, you have an incredibly intelligent and effective vice president. One of almost impeccable integrity. Never have we had a vice president as the one by your side today. Please make use of all that ability. His records are proven as the transformation of the Lagos judiciary can attest to. Please do not limit him to the “spare tyre” role specified in the constitution.

12. A fact that is not often spoken about in the election is how much our security agencies have been compromised and unashamedly partisan. The change we seek must start from a transformation of our security forces. From the police to the military and to our intelligence agencies. I know they must be aligned to the power of the day but we must balance such with a great dose of professionalism. Security forces that trample on the law of the land to protect individuals rather than organs of state must be a thing of the past. Such might be the order of the day in South Africa but must not be a trend here. Please lay the foundation for the building of strong institutions at the expense of strong men.

13. Talking of security, Boko Haram is still around the corner. We need a concrete plan. It will not be easy but it must be done. Painfully, I think our Chibok girls are gone but going forward we do not want anymore girls or boys going missing and if they do you must not go partying nor should you go to bed without it being handled as an emergency that it will be.

14. Talking of losses, the sort of stampede that happened under the watch of Abba Moro must not repeat itself. If systems fail and something of such nature occurs, we expect heads to roll. No arguments about it. If it means changing your cabinet every week, so be it.

15. In both words and deed, you must create an atmosphere in your government that punishes sycophancy. The high reward for sycophancy has created culture of mediocrity in service delivery within government circles. This nauseating culture induced the so much vomit that manifested in the demand for change that has birthed your victory.

16. Finally, sir forget this talk of job creation. Create NEPA (pardon the pun) and the jobs will create themselves.

Sir, enjoy the next seven weeks, they will be the most restful of the next four years of your life!!

May the force be with you!!



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