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Happy Customer, Happy Seller!!

I have long grown used to the fact that Nigerian banks spam their customers with emails. I often feel irritated opening one of my many mail boxes and realizing that thirteen … Continue reading

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I never actually had a real conversation with my paternal grandmother (Mama), who lived until I was maybe 15years old. We saw each other frequently enough whenever my parents carted … Continue reading

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Three Minute Man

  Hey there, So a friend of mine read a rather sad story about some girl who recently got married and took to social media to lament about how disappointing … Continue reading

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When Stars Collide

She wanted a child and rightfully so, for that was the way of things (at least before the ‘feminist’ movement came along) A woman gets married and hopes to one day … Continue reading

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Thy rewards are in heaven

I have to confess that I had no clue that October 5 is a date set aside globally for recognizing teachers. My ignorance was eradicated days back when an announcement … Continue reading

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