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Life can be tough! by Jcsgrl

life gets tough

The PSquare brothers captured it well in their song “E no easy” I find myself wondering out loud even shedding a few tears at how tough life has been. Like geez can a sister get a break? Why do some people seem to cruise by life with little or no challenges but just worry about themselves while others struggle, suffer, struggle some more, make sacrifices to only get a sliver of what the others have. Looking through my veiled eyes of hurt, pain, disappointment and anger all I can see is a life where God seems to have favorites. Others are fortunate while others well are not. Why is this? Is there something the fortunate ones did differently to make things easier for them? Is there something the less fortunate did to inherit such misfortune in life? Do circumstances change eventually ie going from fortunate to less fortunate and vice versa? Do things even out? The more I ponder these things, the more I find myself yearning to find a lasting answer…some sort of resolution, closure if you will to the questions and dissatisfaction that taunt my thoughts abi my soul. The struggle has certainly gotten real. I have to know this stuff for myself like really really. I need to find answers and settle them in my soul. From my bible, I know God doesn’t show favoritism.  The same rain falls on the righteous and unrighteous and the wise one Solomon said time and chance happens to everyone.

I know I have heard it said over and over, “Don’t compare yourself with others” “The grass is not greener on the side” “You don’t know what the other person is going through” And yet as time goes by, the other person’s grass keeps getting greener while yours well just fades and withers away. This is of course while doing all you can to keep it nourished. Well at least as much as you know. Sometimes in moments of deep thoughts I have these convos with my maker

Me: Gosh life is soo unfair. God I don’t know why you keep thinking I can handle all these?

God: You were not meant to handle all these

Me: But this is too much for one person

God: Yes it is

Me: Then why are you allowing it?

God: Because I love you. Because it is good for you. Because it is part of my will for you. And because I know you can handle it

Me: Well if this is your type of love can you love me less? Why do I have to go through the suffering type of love? I kinda like the way you love so and so and so. Mine is sufferhead love!

God: My love for you is complete lacking nothing. My love for others is the same. Complete

Me: Then why is it demonstrated differently?

God: To bring out what I’ve put inside of you and them. I see the end from the beginning and know what situation to allow into your life that will bring out the essence of who I called you to be. At every season in your life, I know what is right for you. So trust that I know what I’m doing and in the end the result will speak for itself. Pruning doesn’t feel or look good but the end result is beautiful. Love must be tested for it to grow. If you love me, you will keep my commandments. I chasten those whom I love Parents are tougher on their older kids because they carry responsibilities. They are the pacesetters. They leave an example for the younger ones to follow. If you’re catching the heat more than the others,know that your purification process is taking time because your use will outlast the others. You will be able to handle adversity more than others and will get stronger. The closer you get to me, the hotter it becomes but the rewards will be greater. When you make the decision to come closer, know that there is a price involved. Not everyone can pay that price and you my dear are one of the elect. Your character built in a time of adversity, obscurity, barrenness, and loneliness will sustain you in the time of plenty, fruitfulness and success. Use this opportunity to build your faith muscles, develop sound principles based on my word, know who you are, affirm yourself of my unconditional love because when the time of deliverance and lifting come, you will be unmoveable!

The master had spoken and there was nothing else left to say. I had to pick up my big girl panties aka grace and put on my poker face aka confidence. It’s going to be alright…it’s really going to be alright at least until the next meltdown


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